Website Design
Reasons you should create a website for your business

  A website sells your products/services online 24/7.

  A website is the digital marketing tool and increases sale lead.

  A website makes customers feel more confidence regarding your business.

  A website identifies your business profile .

  A website can improve customer service.

  A website keeps a relationship with your customers.

  A Website is simple and affordable to set up.

We provide web design and web development services to businesses of all sizes from start-ups to enterprises. We create websites with the perfect blend of amazing user-interface (UI), user-experience (UX), functionality and content. We’ll make sure that your website will properly represent your company and your brand that will help you turn everyday visitors into customers.


From our more than 10 years’ experience on Website Design and Development Service, Serving Web is pleased to provide free consultancy to every company/organization who would like to have own Website.
Create wordpress website

Start from 


  •  License Them offered
  •  Done in 1 week
  •  Responsive   Layout/Template
  •  Using WordPress CMS
  •  Free Web Hosting
Create unigue website

Start from


  •  Custom Photoshop homepage design
  •  Fit and consistent to your company’s profile
  •  Responsive Layout/Template
  •  Own coding and full   license offered
  •  Free Web Hosting
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