Online Web Advertising
 In response to the fast growing of online advertising, SWS would like to offer this new service to our valuable clients. Your advertising banner could reach upto 100,000 visitors per day whereas it is an cost effective way to create awareness for your target audients with high level of effectiveness.Please feel free to participate and our sale team is ready to consult you for more details. There are wide range of advertisement as the following:A- World Wide Online Advertisement
  •    Google adsense
  •    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Meta website
  •    Google adword (search by keyword)
  •    Facebook network promotion and other social network website
  •    Newsletter sending
  •    News Update (RSS Feed Service)
  •    Connecting to social/news network (facebook, twitter, my space, etc.)
  •    Service Sharing (Share this)
  •    Online catalogue (flipping book etc.)
 B- Domestic Online Advertisement
  •    Direct E-mail to specific target group
  •    Auto send mail from client E-mail to target customer up to 10,000 organization in Cambodia
  •    Online advertising with other agencies
  •    Online advertising with SWS’s Partner and Networks.